Our Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with Screen Machine UK Limited and approving our quote verbally or by email, you are accepting the final artwork proof given, and the following Terms and Conditions:


A deposit is required on all orders placed. The deposit is at least 50% of the total cost. The remaining balance must be paid in full before the order can be shipped or picked up by the customer. Payments can be made by Bank Transfer, Credit / Debit card, Paypal, Cheque, or Cash.


All artwork files must be 300dpi or vector format. All text must be converted to outlines. We will adjust artwork print size to what we thing looks best unless customer specifies specific print dimensions. Printing can only be as good as the artwork. Screen Machine UK Limited will not be responsible for poor quality printing due to poor artwork.


Average turnaround for most orders is 10-15 work days (Mon – Fri) plus shipping time. This turnaround time is not guaranteed.


Screen Machine UK Limited will do everything we can to meet any must have date, but we cannot guarantee it. Customer will be responsible for any expedited shipping charges associated with the order.


Screen Machine UK Limited is not responsible for any loss, damage or shipping delays caused by the delivery carrier.

Printable Areas

Please note that not all shirts will be sewn exactly the same; so whilst we try to keep consistency there will always be some variation in the position of the print.

Cancelled Orders

Orders may be cancelled up until the deposit is made. Once the deposit is paid, no refunds will be issued.

Garment Variances

Screen Machine UK Limited cannot guarantee variances in size/shades/construction of garments and merchandise.

Ink Colors

The Pantone system can be used as a guideline, but given those colours were created for litho printing on to white paper, therefore we cannot guarantee a perfect match. Screen Machine UK Limited uses its best guess according to our art department’s monitor. We will pick a specific Pantone for that order, and use it on all other orders to keep consistency. Ink colour may vary depending on print style, garment type, or garment blend. Screen Machine UK Limited is not responsible for these color variances.


Screen Machine UK Limited has the right to change pricing without notice.

For instance a reprint is not guaranteed to be the same price, this is due to fluctuations in supply of materials. Please check before re-ordering.


Screen Machine UK Limited will not be responsible for misprints the standard trade tolerance is up to 5% per design.

Polyester / Blended Items

Polyester items can be a struggle to print on depending on the brand or the way they were dyed. The reason polyester can be a struggle to print on is because of a reaction known as dye migration. Dye migration is basically just as it sounds; small dye particles moving from one place (fabric) to another (ink). This causes an unwanted change or tint in ink colour. We combat this by using special Polyester inks and bleed blockers. We fight this issue, but once in a while there is a chance of some bleeding depending on the garment. Screen Machine UK Limited is not responsible for this issue.

The apparel brand I received is different from what I ordered.

When your order is placed, our team orders your apparel blanks from our distributor. Sometimes that item is out of stock. In this case, we will order a brand that is comparable or better than the apparel you chose. We need to make those on the fly decisions to make sure we get your blanks on time to produce your order.

Trademarks & Licensing

Screen Machine UK Limited is not liable for the use of Trademarked or Licensed Images, and the customer assumes full responsibility for the use thereof.

Printed Order

As all items are personalised and proof checked before printing no returns are permissable.

Claims Or Errors

All claims must be submitted within 72 hours of date of delivery. Please email screenmachineprint@gmail.com to submit your claim. In the case of an error, 100% of items must be returned to Screen Machine UK Limited or the reprint will not be allowed.

Screen Machine UK Limited has the right to change prices and terms and conditions without notice.

Property of any goods supplied to the Customer will not pass to the Customer until the Customer pays the goods in full. Further, title to such goods shall not pass until payment to the Company of all amounts owing to it by the Customer on any account. The Company has the right to recover from the Customer the cost of installation, removal, return transport and diminution in value of any such goods not paid for in full. If the Customer contracts to sell the goods to a third party before making the payment to the Company, the title to such goods and the payment liability shall remain with the Customer.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.